Win the casino with the Monte Carlo method!

The ” Monte Carlo method ” is one of the casino winning methods .” This winning method crushed the casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco. “There is an unbelievable origin of the name, which is not as clear as the truth. The theory itself is a little complicated, unlike such a rigid origin. Let’s introduce it firmly.

First of all, when you practice the Monte Carlo method, prepare a memo and something to write. Enter “1 2 3” there. The first stake will be “4”, which is the sum of “1 and 3” at both ends. From here, let’s explain separately when you lose and when you win. By the way, please consider the rate at $ 1.

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I lost, what should I do?

If you lose, add “4” to the 3 side of “1 2 3” to make “1 2 3 4”. And the stake is “5” by adding “1 and 4” at both ends. If you lose further, add “5” to make “1 2 3 4 5”, and the next bet amount is “6” which is the sum of “1 and 5” at both ends.

I won! What’s next?

If you win, you will get one number at each end in the double payout game. In a game with a triple payout, erase two each.

Let’s say you win in the state of “1 2 3 4 5” mentioned in the case of losing earlier.

For games with double payouts, delete “1 and 5”. Then, the remaining number will be “2 3 4”, so the amount to bet online casino malaysia in the next game will be “6” with “2 and 4” at both ends.

In the case of a game with a triple payout, two numbers are erased from both ends, so the remaining number is “3”. Since the Monte Carlo method cannot be used in this state, reset it to “1 2 3” again here.

The general flow is to repeat this and reset when profits are generated.

Notes on the Monte Carlo method

The first thing to keep in mind when using this Monte Carlo method is that you may lose in a double payout game . Since it is a theory that is specialized for triple payout games, you should think about “it can be diverted” for double payout. On the contrary, it is a very good theory when using it with a triple dividend .

Also, the Monte Carlo method”It ‘s not as simple as you can calculate in your head. “It is also important to note that. It is not a type that can be used not only at a real casino but also when you want to enjoy 3win2u the casino casually while using a smartphone etc. on the go.

Due to its nature, it is possible to prevent soaring stakes, but it is not a theory that you can recover the loss at once or win a big victory. If anything, it is a solid and certain theory that accumulates over a long period of time.

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